Salem Man Injured in Motorcycle Crash

A recent Oregon motorcycle crash left a Salem man hospitalized in critical condition, according to The Oregonian.

The newspaper reports the accident took place in Aurora at the junction of Oregon Route 551 and Ehlen Road. Quoting a press release from law enforcement officials, the paper says the Aurora motorcycle accident took place when the rider, who was obeying relevant traffic signals, entered the intersection and “was immediately hit by a 2006 Toyota Scion” whose driver “was turning left from eastbound Ehlen Road onto northbound Oregon 551.”
The motorcycle rider was airlifted to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital by helicopter. The driver of the Toyota “was transported by ambulance to Legacy Meridian Park Hospital with minor injuries. He has been cited for careless driving and taking a dangerous left turn,” the paper reports.

One of the few pieces of good news in this Oregon car accident story is the fact that the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. Still, the accident also highlights the degree to which responsible motorcycle riders can often find themselves at the mercy of irresponsible car drivers.

Accidents like this cannot, and should not, end with the issuance of a police citation. A Salem or Portland Oregon motorcycle accident attorney can help victims and their families examine every aspect of an accident to determine whether police citations alone ensure that justice has been done. When people are hurt – and especially when they are critically injured – justice requires more than a citation. Consulting with a Portland car crash lawyer can be the first step toward helping make your family whole again.

The Oregonian: Salem man critically injured in motorcycle crash near Aurora

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