Dog Attack Leads to Amputation

A recent horrific dog attack in Southern California should serve as a warning for Oregonians, and a reminder of the importance of keeping pets under control.

According to the Associated Press, police “have arrested the owners of two pit bulls that mauled a 75-year-old woman in a San Diego backyard, forcing the amputation of her leg below the knee.” The agency reports that the animals were later destroyed while the owners, a father and daughter, “could face felony charges of owning dogs that caused serious bodily injury.”
We have all heard stories about pit bulls over the years – the breed has an especially savage reputation – but even by the standards of dog attacks that have taken place here in Oregon and elsewhere around the country the savagery of this one stands out. The case is particularly tragic because, as the AP reports, this is not the first time these two particular dogs got loose and attacked nearby residents. The animals attacked a neighbor last Christmas.

It is important for victims in cases like these to understand that their pursuit of justice should not, and does not, end in the criminal courts. Victims, such as the one in this case, and loved ones should seek the advice of a Portland dog attack lawyer as soon as possible after an incident like this one to learn more about options available through our legal system for people who feel that true justice may sometimes require more than the issuing of a criminal citation.

AP via 2 arrested for dog attack on California woman, 75

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