Washington County Moves Forward With Ambitious Bike Plans

A recent article in The Oregonian details significant efforts in Washington County to improve the environment for cyclists, a plan that, if implemented, may help curb Oregon bicycle and car accidents as well as improving the overall quality of life in our region.

As the newspaper details, county officials are examining “projects aimed at improving transportation corridors and connecting key county roads and trails.” Bicycle commuters, the article reports, are of particular interest to planners with conscious attempts being made to design and build routes that “link to Tri-Met bus and light rail lines” with the goal of making long-distance travel easier both on bikes alone and using a combination of cycling and public transportation. The paper reports that Washington County’s efforts are being funded by a variety of sources at all levels of government and will take shape over a period of years.

Greater Portland, of course, has long prided itself on a bike-friendly reputation. But even in a city known to be welcoming to cyclists there is always room for improvement.

Oregon bike accident attorneys also play a role in helping to defend the rights and interests of bike riders in Portland and throughout neighboring Washington County, including the cities of Beaverton and Hillsboro. A Portland cycling attorney can help riders defend their rights and livelihoods when they have been threatened or injured during encounters with cars. Bicycles are vehicles and with a few notable exceptions (such as Interstate Highways) have just as much right to be on the road as any car.

It is heartening to see Washington County devoting some of its resources to improving trails and other transportation networks in ways that will benefit cyclists. With luck, other cities and counties around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington will follow suit.

The Oregonian: In Washington County, momentum grows for adding bicyclists, pedestrians into transportation system

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