Salem Car Accident a Reminder of Need for Safe Holiday Driving

In a tragic, yet timely, reminder of the need for safe driving this Holiday Season, KATU television reports that a teenager is in critical condition after an Oregon injury car accident near Salem earlier this week. The car was reportedly carrying five people when it crashed into a power pole and flipped over. Three other people inside the vehicle were also reportedly injured in the Salem auto accident. One person escaped injury.

KATU quotes police deputies saying alcohol was involved in the Oregon one car crash. All five people in the vehicle were in their late teens or early 20s, and the station reports that they became loud and abusive when firefighters arrived on the scene to rescue them.

The roadways are always more deadly around major holidays. Increased numbers of people are traveling whenever a holiday comes around, and anecdotal evidence suggests alcohol may also be more likely to be involved in a crash at this time of year.

If you have been the victim of an Oregon holiday traffic accident it is worth remembering that DUI and DWI laws are not suspended merely because it is the holiday season. Consulting with an Oregon car crash attorney as soon as possible is a prudent move, regardless of whether police at the scene issued citations or not. You may be entitled to compensation to cover medical bills and pain and suffering or to replace wages or income lost as a result of an Oregon car accident.

Making the holidays safe requires extra vigilance on the part of everyone on the road at this time of year.

KATU: Police: Crash victims ‘tried to fight with the deputies’

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