Portland Crosswalk Death Turns Spotlight on Trucks, Again

Last week Portland suffered yet another tragic and preventable crosswalk death. The fact that this fatal Oregon traffic accident also involved a truck making a turn merely highlights the ongoing issue of pedestrian safety that I have written about so frequently.


According to The Oregonian a 61-year-old man from Northeast Portland “was using his three-wheeled wheelchair scooter in a marked crosswalk when a turning truck struck him.” It quotes a Portland police spokesman confirming that as the victim “crossed with the ‘walk’ signal, an eastbound truck turned south onto Naito Parkway and struck him.” The newspaper reports that the man died the following day at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. The truck driver is reported to be cooperating with police.


There are a number of potential legal issues raised by this Oregon traffic accident. As is often the case in a death under these circumstances the possibility of a wrongful death action exists. It is worth considering whether there is a product liability issue involved in this incident. Considering the sheer number of automotive product recalls over the last year it is worth exploring whether the truck involved in this fatal Oregon traffic accident may have been – or ought to be – subject to a recall.


As an Oregon truck accident attorney who also practices in Washington I hope that a careful and thorough investigation of this fatal accident will be conducted. Oregon in general and the Portland area in particular have seen far too many crosswalk accidents over the last few years. I have written frequently about the need for better markings and a greater public investment in safety, but all of this ultimately depends on drivers – especially drivers of large trucks – being appropriately cautious and aware whenever they approach a crosswalk.


The Oregonian: Man dies after truck strikes him in NW Naito Parkway crosswalk

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