Oregon Brain Injury Leads to Football Player’s Death

A football player at Eastern Oregon University abruptly died last week after suffering an Oregon traumatic brain injury during what appeared to be an otherwise normal play, according to the Associated Press.

Dylan Steigers was 21. He had recently transferred to Eastern Oregon from the University of Montana and was listed as a freshman on the school’s football roster. The AP quotes school officials as saying they are investigating the incident, even as they offer counseling to Steigers’ teammates and family.

The Oregon traumatic brain injury that is believed to have led to Steigers death was an acute subdural hematoma, an injury in which jarring of the head leads to bleeding between the brain and the skull. The blood accumulation, in turn, puts pressure on the brain itself, a condition that can rapidly lead to serious injuries or death.

Despite the growing awareness around the country of the seriousness of sports-related head injuries – particularly for football players – athletes and their families need to remain aware of the possibility of serious Oregon head injuries while participating in school or college sports (there was a Congressional hearing on the subject just this week).

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