Oregon Car Crash Lessons to be Learned from Maine Incident

From Maine this weekend comes a strange and tragic story that should be a reminder for all Oregonians of the importance of safe driving. Police in Wells, a town in southern Maine, say a man died Saturday as a result of an unusual multi-car auto accident. What makes this tragedy stand out is the fact that the victim of this multi-car fatal accident was not in either of the vehicles involved in the crash: he died while standing on his lawn presiding over a yard sale – and the yard sale itself was what touched off the events leading to his death.

For Oregonians this tragic story offers several reminders: the importance of safe driving, of course; but also the fact that a Portland fatal car crash can happen anytime, anywhere and that those most severely impacted by an Oregon car crash need not be drivers or passengers in cars and trucks involved in a Portland, Medford, Eugene or Salem auto accident.

According to television station WCSH, the tragedy began early Saturday morning when a driver traveling along a road in Maine spotted a yard sale and decided to make a U-turn so that he could get a closer look. As he did so, “another truck hauling a 30-foot camper-trailer” struck his vehicle. The Truck-camper combo jackknifed onto the lawn where the yard sale was going on, killing the home’s owner and injuring his mother-in-law. The driver of the pick-up that caused the accident was also hospitalized with serious injuries, while the four people in the truck-camper suffered only minor injuries, the station reports.

The Portland Press-Herald reports that no charges have been filed in the incident, but quotes state and local authorities who say an investigation is continuing.

When you, or someone you love, dies or suffers serious injuries because of an Oregon car crash, one of the first calls you should make is to an experienced Portland car crash attorney. The fact that police have not issued criminal citations does not mean that those responsible for death or injury cannot be held accountable for their actions in civil court. An Oregon auto accident and personal injury lawyer can act as defender and guide as you make your way through our complex legal system in pursuit of justice.

Portland Press-Herald: No charges filed as probe continues in fatal Wells crash

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