Dog Attack is a Timely Reminder for Oregonians

A dog attack on a child in California is a timely reminder for Oregon parents of the danger posed by untended animals and negligent owners. Oregon dog attacks can lead to serious injuries – a fact that today’s situation in California calls readily to mind.

The dog attack took place this morning in suburban Orange County. According to local news reports, a 6 year old girl and her three year old sister were walking near their home when they were set upon by a large boxer. As the children screamed for help their mother emerged from the family home to find the dog on top of the six year old, biting her. The mother and the girl’s 14 year old brother reportedly managed to get the dog off the girl. The family then retreated into their house, from which the mother emerged a few moments later holding a pistol. She shot the dog in the neck. The animal died a few hours later at the county animal care center. Police are still investigating the incident, including searching for the dog’s owner, according to the Orange County Register.

This shocking story is a reminder that the owners of vicious animals need to be held to account. The child in California was bitten in seven places, though she was not seriously injured. Many times, however, dog attack victims are not so lucky.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of an Oregon dog attack, contacting a Portland personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the incident is of paramount importance. Oregon dog attacks are a specialized area within Oregon personal injury law, and it is important to speak with an attorney well-versed in the particulars of Oregon dog attack law before deciding how to proceed. Obtaining justice after suffering a dog attack often requires using the court system to fight for your rights.

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