Hillsboro Pedestrian Accident Spotlights Parking Lot Dangers

A 29-year old woman was involved in a Hillsboro pedestrian accident recently while making her way through the parking lot at Sunset Esplanade. The Hillsboro auto accident took place in the late afternoon moments after the victim had exited a bus and as she was heading across the parking lot on the shopping complex’s north side, according to a report in the Hillsboro Argus.

The car struck the woman as she moved through the parking lot at what a police spokesman later described as “a jogging pace”. The woman was thrown onto the hood of the car, hitting its windshield. The police spokesman told the Argus that the victim of the Oregon car and pedestrian collision was taken to an area hospital with a broken back, but that she was not paralyzed as a result of the accident.

Parking lots, with their restricted sight lines and drivers who are not always proceeding as cautiously as they should, can be especially dangerous for pedestrians. Portland traffic accidents in parking lots can lead to serious injuries, or death. If you have been struck by a car in a parking lot consulting with a Portland personal injury lawyer should be a top priority.

Even if police opt not to issue a citation to the car’s driver that does not mean the person who hit you is exempt from civil liability. Recovery of medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering and even punitive damages may be in order, depending on your personal situation. Consultation with a Portland traffic accident attorney is the first step toward assuring that your rights are protected.

The Hillsboro Argus: Pedestrian crossing parking lot injured by car at Sunset Esplanade

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