Salem bicycle accident shows how crucial helmets are

An Oregon bicycle accident last week is the best reminder in a long, long while of why a helmet ought to be essential biking gear. The Salem bicycle injury accident took place when an 18 year old swerved to avoid an SUV pulling out of a fast-food restaurant. The Salem bike rider was thrown over her handlebars as she tried to avoid the SUV, which then ran over her head with its rear tire, according to a detailed report in The Oregonian, quoting Marion County law enforcement officials.

The newspaper reports that the cyclist was taken to a hospital but released a short time later without serious injuries. Her helmet, however, “was pretty much crushed” according to a Marion County sheriff’s office spokesman. Oregon law requires helmets for riders 16 and under. In this case it is clear that wearing a helmet saved the 18 year old bike rider, sparing her serious personal injury or death as a result of her Salem bicycle accident.

Even when cyclists take every necessary precaution, however, Portland personal injury accidents involving bicycles and cars can be especially serious. While this story had a happy ending, it also highlights the importance of wearing a bike helmet at all times. When injuries do occur as the result of an Oregon bicycle accident involving a car or SUV, consulting a Portland bicycle injury attorney should be near the top of your post-accident priority list. Collisions, especially those involving negligence, may entitle the victim to compensation for medical bills, long-term care, damage to property, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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