Tualatin Crash leads to Oregon Drunk Driving Conviction

A 25-year-old Oregon woman has been sentenced to a fine and a diversion program and also had her license suspended after pleading guilty to Oregon drunk driving, according to The Oregonian.

The short article, published earlier this month, is a useful reminder both of the serious consequences of Oregon drunk driving and the tough sanctions that even a first offense can entail. The article does not detail how Lauren Thomas came to be driving drunk when she caused an Oregon car crash in I-5 in Tualatin, but notes that she “drifted out of a lane of traffic and crashed into a flatbed pickup.” The truck’s driver was not injured in the accident.

Thomas, the paper reports, must attend treatment sessions and has lost her driving license for 90 days. She will also have to pay a fine and during this period “cannot consume or possess alcohol, or enter bars or liquor stores.” She will also have to read a book on the consequences of drunk driving and submit a report on it to the presiding judge in her case.

All of this stems from a single incident in which no one was hurt, and that is a good thing. Our legal system has, over the years, come to take drunk driving more and more seriously. Victims of accidents such as this one, however, need to know that the criminal side of our court system may not always be able to address all of their concerns and provide them with the justice they deserve.

When that happens, a Portland drunk driving victims’ lawyer can help victims and their families put their lives back together. The consequences of reckless driving can be severe, and we all need to do what we can to see that justice is done when others act irresponsibly.

The Oregonian: Woman who crashed into the back of flatbed in Tulatin admits to drunk driving

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