Portland Industrial Accident Injures One

Early reports that an Oregon industrial accident in North Portland left a worker critically injured have proven to be premature, according to The Oregonian. The newspaper, quoting an emergency services spokesman, reported that it was originally believed an explosion at SiC Processing had left a worker there with life-threatening injuries.

Several hours later it became clear that the victim was expected to make a “full and rapid recovery,” the paper reports.

The fact that the worker’s injuries were not as serious as was originally thought is a relief. But as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigates what the paper reports was a hydrogen blast a number of potential legal questions need to be considered.

Workplace explosions can often fit the legal definition of an Oregon industrial accident, especially when a third party (such as a vendor supplying the explosive material) is found to be at fault. People who handle dangerous chemicals or who operate heavy equipment for a living need to know not only that their employer has taken every proper precaution to ensure their safety, but that the equipment and materials they work with are also properly manufactured and maintained.

Failure to do these things often lies at the root of Oregon industrial accidents, particularly when explosions are involved. Contacting a Portland industrial accidents lawyer as soon as possible in the wake of a workplace explosion can be a critical first-step for victims trying to put their lives back together and get a better sense of their rights.

The Oregonian: Man injured in North Portland explosion expected to recover fully

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