Southern Oregon Injury Lawsuit Seeks Damages Following Forest Accident

A man from Prospect, in southern Oregon between Medford and Crater Lake National Park, has filed an Oregon personal injury lawsuit against the US Forest Service and a local lumber company for injuries sustained because the government allegedly failed to remove a dangerous tree. According to The Oregonian, as well as wire service reports, Bert Fernandez claims he was permanently injured, and that his vehicle was severely damaged, when a 32-foot tree fell on his car as he drove through the Rouge River National Forest. The accident took place in February, 2008.

Fernandez charges that the tree had been marked by the Forest Service for removal and that the logging company failed to cut it down within the timeframe agreed in the company’s contract with the government. He is alleging negligence on the part of the logger for failing to cut down the tree, and on the part of the Forest Service for failing to hold the loggers to their contract.

While unusual in some respects (people more commonly get sued for cutting down a tree improperly rather than for failing to cut it down in the first place), at its core this is a familiar sort of Oregon personal injury case: one that seeks to recover damages caused by alleged negligence on the part of the government and a private company.

Anyone involved in a Medford injury accident is well-advised to consult an Oregon personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Portland accident lawyer can advise you on the best course of action after considering your particular circumstances, including whether you may be entitled to damages to compensate for medical bills, pain and suffering, damage to your property or lost wages or salary.

The Oregonian: Here’s a twist: southern Oregon man sues Forest Service for not cutting a tree

AP from the Sacramento Bee: Oregon Man Sues Over Tree that Fell and Hurt Him

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