Oregon Auto Accidents Are Target of Safety Crackdown

Monday marked the beginning of a two-week crackdown on dangerous driving, according to a recent report in the Eugene Register-Guard. Oregon auto accidents are the target of the statewide effort, known officially as the “Three Flags Safety Campaign.”
The name of the program to prevent Eugene fatal traffic accidents takes its name from what law enforcement officials cite as the three biggest factors in Oregon auto accidents: “driving impaired, driving too fast and failure to use seatbelts.”
Citing Eugene police department statistics, the paper reports that even though official estimates are that 96% of Oregonians use seatbelts, lack of a seatbelt remained “a major factor in half of Oregon’s traffic deaths in 2008.”
The fact that police feel the need to launch a coordinated, high-profile Oregon traffic safety campaign of this type is a reminder that there are still a remarkably large number of dangerous drivers on the road. If you or a loved one are unfortunate enough to be in an Oregon injury accident it is important that you consult with an experienced Portland or Eugene Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible. Even if police officers at the scene opted not to cite anyone you may be entitled to civil damages arising from a car, truck or pedestrian accident.

The police are working to make out streets safer, but the justice system also plays a role in making seeing that Oregon reckless drivers pay for the damage they cause.

Eugene Register-Guard: Police to target driving dangers

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