Portland Traffic Captain and His Wife Among Those Injured in Oregon Three-Vehicle Crash on Highway 30

A three-vehicle crash on Highway 30 injured three people on Monday. The Oregon car accident took place around 5pm when Clatskanie resident Jeffrey Lidgett swerved his van to avoid hitting a deer. In an attempt to avoid Lidgett’s vehicle, Castle Rock driver Justin Aldrich drove onto the road’s eastbound shoulder. Another vehicle, a BMW, also tried to get onto the shoulder, but was struck by Lidgett’s van.

The driver of the BMW, Portland Police Bureau’s Traffic Division Captain Eric Hendricks, and his wife Nadine, sustained serious injuries from the Oregon auto accident. Hendricks had to be flown to Legacy Emanuel Hospital. His wife was also transported by air to Oregon Health Sciences University. Lidgett, who sustained non-life threatening injuries, was taken to the hospital.

Oregon State Police have been investigating the accident. The Oregon Department of Transportation reports that 2% of Oregon car accidents involve wild animals.

Motorists are expected to drive carefully at all times—even when avoiding wild animals and pets on the road. The Oregon State Police recommends that if faced with the choice of striking the animal or swerving into another vehicle, it is safer to hit the animal if stopping in time is not an option.

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