Portland Pedestrian Accident Claims Life of Toddler

A few days ago I wrote about new data showing a worrisome rise in traffic accidents leading to Oregon pedestrian deaths. In the most tragic illustration possible of what seems to be a trend, we now have word of the death of a toddler in who was in a stroller as he and his father crossed the street at what TV station KGW describes as “a clearly marked crosswalk.”
According to a detailed account in The Oregonian, the accident took place last Monday in North Portland. The 75-year-old driver of the car that struck and killed 22-month-old Seamus DuBarry, his father and another man told police that he panicked and, in the process, mistook the gas pedal for the brake. The newspaper reports that the elder DuBarry and his small son “were flipped onto the car’s hood and carried for nearly 100 feet. The car slammed into a utility pole and stopped.” Another Oregon pedestrian, Da-Mon McDonald, was left in the middle of the road. Both of the adults suffered what the paper describes as minor injuries in the crash. The child, however, died a short while later at a nearby hospital after surgical attempts to save him failed.

Though police opted not to issue any citations in the incident, McDonald was quoted by The Oregonian saying that the driver “owes that family and that little boy, big time.” According to the paper the accident remains under investigation. Police expect to forward a report on the incident to the Multnomah County DA soon.

The paper also quotes a Portland police officer who works with the city’s Major Crash Team expressing the fear that Portland pedestrian accidents like this one – apparently involving use of the wrong pedal – are rising in number.

As McDonald’s comments illustrate, there is a pressing need for accountability in the wake of a Portland pedestrian accident like this one. As difficult as it can be to turn to the legal system at a moment of pain, our courts are there to enforce accountability and provide justice. The first step is to contact a Portland pedestrian accident and child injury lawyer to discuss the details of your situation, and to consider the best way to move forward.

KGW.com: Victim describes chaos & crash that killed toddler in stroller

The Oregonian:‘He panicked and hit the accelerator,’ police say of elderly driver who fatally struck North Portland toddler

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