Portland Makes Top Ten Dog Bite Cities List

This is not necessarily an honor we will want to advertise here in Portland, but our city made the US Postal Service’s list of top ten cities for dog bites, according to a recent article in USA Today.

Houston was number one on the list with 62 incidents of dogs biting postal employees. Portland, with 35 incidents, came in at #10. More worrying, perhaps, is a related fact. Despite all of the popular culture focus on dogs and mailmen, postal employees are not the number one category of dog bite victims in Oregon or elsewhere: children are, followed by the elderly.

Dog bite injuries to children are especially worrisome. Mail carriers have professional training in dealing with hostile animals as part of their work. The elderly, at least, know how dangerous unsupervised animals can be. Children, however, cannot be counted upon to understand the possible dangers posed by dogs. Make no mistake, those dangers are real. According to USA Today “last year, 33 people died from dog bites” nationwide.

The link at the bottom of this page offers a number of useful tips for avoiding dog bites. When these strategies fail, however, victims – especially the parents of young victims – should consult a Portland dog bite lawyer regarding the particular circumstances of the attack.

Every case is different, and it often requires the specialized expertise of an Oregon dog attack attorney for victims to understand the legal options that may be open to them in their search for justice. Negligent pet owners need to know that their actions (or lack thereof) have consequences. If you or a loved one are an Oregon dog bite victim speaking with an experienced dog attack lawyer is an essential first step toward closure in the wake of an attack.

USA Today: Dog bite prevention tips: Spaying helps

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