Oregon Class Action Suit Targets Major Insurer

A class action lawsuit filed in Salem is taking aim at a perhaps surprising target. According to area television station KDRV the lawsuit alleges that a major insurance company has been “fraudulently denying claims after car crashes.”
The target? USAA, a banking and insurance giant that deals exclusively with current and former members of the military and their families. Because of its focus on the military community USAA has long cultivated a customer-friendly, service-oriented image far removed from that of most commercial banks and insurance companies.

The Oregon suit, however, charges the company with “using medical reports by physicians to say treatment for injuries suffered in car crashes were not medically necessary. Plaintiffs allege in their suit that the insurance medical reviewers of their cases never even talked or consulted with them.” The station’s report said USAA “declined to comment on the lawsuit.”
The seriousness of the allegations in this Oregon lawsuit is a reminder of the important role Salem and Portland personal injury attorneys play in our legal system. When confronted with red tape and a large, powerful and inflexible insurance bureaucracy many ordinary Oregonians often feel they have no recourse. It is an unfortunate fact of American life that many of us must buy insurance to cover our basic needs in times of crisis – knowing full well that many insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid meeting their obligations at the moment when, for us, it matters most.

Whether you are fighting an insurance company to get the claims and treatment you deserve in the wake of an Oregon auto or motorcycle accident, a traumatic brain injury, severe burn, spinal cord injury or an industrial accident, it is important to know that Portland personal injury attorneys are available to help you navigate the often intimidating world of the court system in your search for justice.

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