Oregon School Bus Accidents Injure Three Children

Accidents involving school buses are arresting enough, but for two Oregon school bus accidents to take place in the same town – on the same road – in just three days is, to say the least, striking.

According to the Albany Democrat-Herald the first accident took place on a Friday afternoon earlier this month in Lebanon, southeast of Salem. In that incident, “a van pulling onto Highway 20 from Highway 226 hit the left side of a Bandon School District bus,” the newspaper reports. The van’s driver and her passenger – an elderly couple from Corvallis – were both hospitalized with “non-life-threatening injuries.” Two students on the bus were also injured and were taken to a separate hospital.

The following Monday, in the second incident, a nine-year-old boy was injured as the result of another Oregon School Bus crash on Highway 20. This incident, which took place just north of Lebanon, was part of a three vehicle Oregon car crash that began when one car waiting to make a left turn was rear-ended by another vehicle. The impact sent the first car out into the intersection, and into the path of the oncoming school bus. In addition to the child on the bus, the driver of the car that caused the rear-end collision was injured in the incident.

It is especially important in reading about both of these incidents to note that in neither case was the driver of the school bus the cause of the Oregon crash. As such, both incidents are reminders of how important school buses are, and of the extra caution all drivers should exercise whenever they are near one. Portland, Salem, Corvallis – or Lebanon – Oregon child injuries are shocking whenever or wherever they occur and everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car should always exercise extra caution around children in general and school vehicles in particular.

A Portland personal injury attorney can offer legal expertise in the wake of an Oregon School bus accident that results in injuries to children, but the broader lesson here concerns the importance of personal responsibility on the part of each and every driver on the road. Safety rules are on the books for a reason. Each of us needs to think – and act – accordingly on a daily basis.

Albany Democrat-Herald: Another school bus collision on Highway 20

Salem News: Minor injury crash involving two vehicles and school bus – Highway 20 near Lebanon

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