Oregon Injuries to Minors: Mike Tyson’s 4-Year-Old Daughter Dies After Treadmill Accident

Exodus Tyson, the 4-year-old daughter of Mike Tyson, has died. She passed away on Tuesday morning after being placed on life support following a tragic hanging accident that took place on a treadmill in the family’s home.

According to police, Exodus was discovered with her neck wrapped in the cord that hangs from the treadmill console. Her mother pulled the cord off her and tried reviving the 4-year-old before paramedics came to take her to a hospital. Police are calling her death a tragic accident. They say that Exodus was playing on the exercise machine, but it was not in operation when the strangulation accident happened.

Strangulation Accidents
Unfortunately, accidental deaths at home occur more often that we would like to think. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says nearly that 900 kids die every year from strangulation accidents. 45% of these child fatalities occur at home. Many of the victims are younger than 4.

While it is important that parents and guardians take the necessary steps to prevent strangulation and choking accidents from happening, it is also up to product manufacturers to make sure that they make products that do not pose an injury or death hazard to consumers—especially children. Sometimes, the products that you least expect to prove dangerous may have been designed in such a way that they have defects that can cause catastrophic injuries, including:

• Clothing with long drawstrings that can get caught in a motor vehicle door or become easily tangled around the neck of a child that is roughhousing.

• Cribs made with defective slats that can easily come off, creating a gap that poses an entrapment or strangulation hazard if a child falls through the opening.

• Extra long drapery or window blind cords that can easily wrap around a toddler’s neck.

Catastrophic strangulation accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries and even death. If your child was seriously injured or died due to a strangulation accident caused by a dangerous toy, or a defective piece of furniture, clothing, or household /recreational appliance, you may be entitled to Portland, Oregon personal injury compensation.

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