Oregon Car Accidents: NHTSA Warns Against 15-Passenger Van Accidents

While the number of 15-passenger van deaths has gone down since 2001, the number of 15-passenger van occupant deaths did increase by almost 205 between 2006 and 2007. 45 of the 2007 15-passenger van fatalities occurred in rollover accidents—73% more than from the year before.

According to statistics, 31% of deadly 15-passenger van rollover accidents occur during the summer travel season, with June – August considered the deadliest period for 15-passsenger van riders.

More NHTSA 15-Passenger Van Accident Facts:

• A van that is fully loaded with passengers and luggage has a greater chance of becoming involved in a rollover accident.
• More than half of the 15-passenger van occupants that have died were not using seat belts.
• Other common causes of 15-passenger van accidents include driver inexperience and poor tire condition.

CBS reported in 2004 that there are approximately 500,000 15-passenger vans on US roads, with millions of people riding them to and from the airport, school and church activities, and on trips involving large groups.

One reason 15-passenger vans are a high-risk vehicle for becoming involved in a rollover crash is the way the vehicle is designed. Most 15-passenger van models have an extended back, which means that its backside tends to get very heavy when the vehicle is fully loaded. 15-passenger vans also are made with a high gravity center, which means the more weight riding in the car, the more top heavy the vehicle.

While there is nothing that 15-passenger van occupants can do about the way the vehicle is designed, there are steps that the van driver can take to prevent 15-passenger van accidents from happening:

• Don’t drive unless you have the experience to properly operate and control a 15-passenger van.
• Don’t text message or talk on the cell phone or engage in any other form of distracted driving while operating a 15-passenger van.
• Make sure that all of the van passengers are wearing safety belts.
• Make sure the tires are properly inflated and they show no signs of extreme wear or aging.

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