North Oregon Highway Accidents Raise Safety Concerns

A history of Oregon highway accidents along several roads linking the Willamette Valley to the North Coast is raising concerns among residents and activists who believe the number of North Coast car wrecks has become excessive.

A recent report in the Daily Astorian focused on US-30 car crashes, US-26 car crashes and US-101 car crashes, noting that one particular section of 101 has been nicknamed “slaughter alley” by local residents. The situation along these roadways obviously merits extreme caution. If an accident does occur the skill and local knowledge of a Portland personal injury attorney with experience in North Coast car crashes can be invaluable.

Police and Oregon Department of Transportation officials say many of the problems stem from drivers who are not sufficiently alert or who are traveling too fast. Local activists, however, say passing lanes should be more carefully located along all of these roads. An August Clatskanie car crash that killed four teenagers on US-30 led to calls for a passing zone to be changed to a no-passing zone. ODOT officials, however, say statistical data shows the area to be safe for passing, and note that their job requires prioritizing safety upgrades throughout the state.

In the event of a Willamette Valley car accident, whether fatal or not, an experienced Oregon car crash lawyer can help victims wade through complex and confusing official reports to see who should be held liable for North Coast traffic injuries or deaths. The history of a particular stretch of road can be a factor in determining who is at fault for an Oregon car accident, and what the proper compensation after an Oregon injury accident should be.

Daily Astorian: Frequent Accidents Plague Motorists

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