New Military Rules Designed to Protect Against Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries

In the wake of raised awareness of the seriousness of traumatic brain injuries, the military has become the latest institution to adjust its rules in a bid to lessen traumatic brain injuries and their consequences.

The Defense Department announced earlier this month that it will “launch a new policy in the coming months that will make head-injury evaluations mandatory for all troops who suffer possible concussions.” As a recent article in the San Bernardino Sun noted, the concern is with secondary injuries.

“A second injury as the brain is recuperating from the first can cause brain cells to die, resulting in a permanent loss of function – or even death,” the newspaper reports.

In practical terms this means that troops exposed to an incident that may lead to a concussion or other traumatic brain injury (such as a roadside bombing in which they are significantly shaken up but have no other outward injuries) will be pulled from combat duty for 24 hours, even if they show no TBI symptoms. During that time they will be evaluated for signs of a traumatic brain injury, “such as ringing ears, double vision and (will undergo) an assessment of short term memory and concentration,” according to the Sun.

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