Clackamas Wrongful Death Suit Settled

Clackamas County officials have reached a settlement in the Sandy wrongful death suit filed by the family of Fouad Kaady, who was shot by Clackamas County police in 2005 while “unarmed, naked, burned and bleeding” according to The Oregonian.

According to the newspaper, settlement of the high profile Oregon wrongful death case involved no admission of wrongdoing on the part of police. County officials are quoted describing their decision to settle as “a purely business decision made by the insurance carrier”. Local media reports indicate Kaady’s family settled out-of-court for $1 million in an effort to spare themselves the trauma of a trial.

The events leading to Kaady’s September 2005 death began when a gas can exploded in his car, causing him to suffer severe burns over much of his body. He may also have sustained a traumatic head injury as a result of the car accident tied to the gas can’s explosion. Officers responding to reports of a naked man in the Sandy area tried to subdue Kaady when they found him. They are reported to have hit him with two taser blasts to little effect. He was shot seven times after climbing onto the roof of a police car. Witnesses described him as unarmed and non-life threatening, but police and county officials have steadfastly defended their actions.

Justice following an Oregon wrongful death can often be difficult to obtain, and emotionally wrenching to seek. A Portland wrong death attorney – one experienced both in the law and in dealing with the emotional trauma associated with wrongful death – can be your most important ally in the search.

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