More Dogs Bite Kids in the Summer, Says Study

A new study published in the new issue of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery is reporting that children have a greater chance of getting bitten by a dog and sustaining a serious injury to the neck or head areas in the summer time. This finding is based on an analysis of 84 dog bite cases involving child victims.

The reason for why this happens is not clear, but two possibilities are that the hot weather may put dogs in a worse mood, while kids tend to spend more time outside the house playing with pets.

According to the study:
• Family pets caused 27% of dog bite injuries.
• 34% of dog bite wounds occurred on children’s cheeks.
• 21% were lip injuries.
• 8% were ear injuries.
• 8% were nose injuries.
• The average wound size was 7.15 centimeters.
• 64% of children who sustained dog bite wounds had injuries on more than one part of the body.
• The pit bull is the breed most likely to attack or maul a child victim.

Children and Dog Bites
Dog bites can cause serious harm to a child. A dog that mauls a child can cause serious bodily harm and/or facial disfigurement. Sometimes, it may take years until a child is fully-grown before he or she can undergo all the necessary reconstructive surgeries. This can lead to ongoing physical suffering, as well as mental and emotional trauma. Serious scarring from dog bite wounds can also deprive a boy or girl from experiencing a normal childhood.

In the US, about 44,000 dog attacks each year result in facial injuries. 1% of all emergency room visits involve a patient who was injured in a dog attack or a dog mauling. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about 800,000 dog bite victims a year will require medical treatment. Nearly 50% of people injured in dog attacks are younger than age 12.

Dog bite risk for kids greatest in summer

Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery

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