Klamath Falls Couple Killed in Oregon Large Truck Accident

A young Oregon couple died on Tuesday when the Jeep Wrangler they were riding in was involved in a head-on crash with a 2003 Kenworth truck. Klamath Falls residents Dotsie J. Irion, 21, and Clay J. Newcomer, 23, were pronounced dead at the crash scene on US 97.

According to Oregon State Police, the large truck, driven by Ajmer Singh, sideswiped a Dodge pickup that was pulling a horse trailer driver. The pickup was able to stop safely. However, the Kenworth, which had entered the southbound lane struck the Jeep in a head-on crash, killing the young couple.

Trucker Singh sustained minor injuries in the crash. The pickup truck driver, Merrill resident Samatha Gallagher, and her horses did not sustain any injuries in the traffic collision.

Oregon State Police are continuing to investigate the case of the deadly truck crash. The roads were reportedly covered in snow and ice when the crash happened.

Frontal-Impact Crashes
Frontal-impact crashes can lead to serious injuries for victims. In addition to head-on crashes, other examples of frontal-impact accidents include:

• The front of a vehicle crashing into the back of another vehicle.
• A vehicle crashing into a nonmoving object.
• The front of a vehicle colliding into the side of another vehicle.

Common causes of head-on crashes:

• Crossing over the centerline.
• Driving too quickly into a curve.
• Losing control of the vehicle.
• Turning directly into the oncoming path of a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle.
• Not paying attention to lane markings.
• Making wide right turns.
• Drunk driving.

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