Focus on Safety for Back-to-School

SafeKids Oregon – an organization that regular readers will know I have long supported – has just published a very useful set of back-to-school tips and reminders. They are worth the attention of every Oregon parent.

The group’s website offers a useful guide focused on preventing injuries to children by teaching them how to walk safely to school. The publication, “Teaching Children to Walk Safely as They Grow and Develop” usefully offers varied advice for parents of kids in several different age groups. Key points include teaching younger children “where to cross streets and how to cross safely.” With older kids – especially kids who may have their own cellphones or other attention-absorbing electronic devices – the group notes that “attention-switching and concentration skills are essential.”

At every age the important thing is not only that skills are learned but that children have the opportunity to reinforce them. As the group notes, “children will demonstrate these skills some of the time, so continued practice is needed until they are consistent.”

The website also features a downloadable guide on back-to-school bicycle safety. As a Portland personal injury lawyer focused on preventing injuries to children I am happy to see SafeKids continuing their important public educational work. The material on their website is well-written and easy to understand. Let’s all hope that Oregon parents take the time to learn the lessons SafeKids is offering.


SafeKids Oregon Website

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