Dangerous Tualatin Valley Intersection to get traffic light following accident

Oregon’s Transportation Commission has decided to move up installation of a traffic signal at a dangerous Tualatin Valley Highway intersection in Aloha, following a serious Oregon traffic accident there last month.

An Oregon pedestrian accident on December 20 left three young people, including a 14 year old boy, injured after they were struck by a car while crossing the road at the intersection in the dark. According to a recent report on KATU.com, the accident has prompted the Oregon Transportation Commission to revise its plan to install a pedestrian-activated crossing signal at the location. Installation of the light will now take place next year, rather than in 2012.

Any traffic accident is tragic, but accidents leading to Oregon injuries to children are especially emotional. In the Tualatin incident the 14 year old boy sustained a broken arm, two broken teeth and will require facial reconstruction surgery. He remains in intensive care, according to KATU.

If you, or your child, have been injured in a Portland-area pedestrian accident taking early action to protect your rights is imperative. Consulting with a Portland pedestrian accident attorney is an important first step. Children injured in Oregon child injury accidents may be entitled to substantial compensation to cover necessary medical treatments and ease their recovery. An Oregon traffic accident lawyer can also advise you on whether responsibility for the accident may extend beyond the driver involved to include elements of state or local government because of safety issues involving roads or traffic signals.

KATU.com: Victim of Tualatin Valley crosswalk collision recovers, ODOT plans signal

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