Corvallis Accident Kills Child in Stroller

In what is, perhaps, one of the strangest and most senseless Oregon traffic accident deaths in recent memory, a two year old boy was killed this week after the jogging stroller in which he was riding was struck by a truck near Corvallis.

According to local media reports the Oregon fatal accident took place at the intersection of Highway 99 and Highway 34 just east of Corvallis. The truck reportedly hit the stroller as it was making a turn onto Highway 99 after stopping at a red light. Television station KPIC, quoting state police officials, reports that the toddler’s mother “may have received some minor injuries to her hands and arms” during the accident. Exactly how the stroller came to be in the intersection at the moment the commercial semi-trailer truck was turning is still under investigation.

This unusually tragic Oregon fatal truck accident raises a number of potential legal questions relating to Oregon child injuries, including a potential Corvallis wrongful death claim. Beyond any criminal issues that law enforcement officials may pursue, situations such as this can also give rise to civil claims. Anyone involved in an accident of this type should consult a Corvallis child injury and wrongful death attorney at the earliest possible time following the tragedy.

Establishing liability following a Corvallis traffic accident can be a complex and emotionally draining process. A skilled and compassionate Oregon personal injury lawyer can be an essential guide to our often difficult and confusing legal landscape during moments such as these.

The Oregonian: Child in stroller killed by commercial truck near Corvallis Police: Child in stroller hit, killed by truck near Corvallis

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