Central Oregon Car Crash Leads to Drunk Driving Arrest

A dramatic Oregon car accident near Redmond landed a 25-year-old Prineville woman in prison on suspicion of Oregon drunk driving, according to the Bend Bulletin.

The newspaper reports that Deneice Tebbits “was driving south a few miles south of Redmond shortly before 7 a.m. (last Wednesday) when she attempted to pass a line of cars and spun out of control, crossed three lanes of traffic, and struck a northbound vehicle.” According to MyCentralOregon.com neither Tebbits nor the driver of the car she hit were injured, but Tebbits was arrested at the scene and charged with suspicion of Oregon DUII.

If there were ever a case that illustrates the many dangers of Oregon drunk driving this has to be it. Based on media reporting of the case, we allegedly have an impaired driver (at seven o’clock in the morning!) endangering both herself and a significant other number of motorists.

We can take some solace from the fact that no one was injured in this Oregon drunk driving crash, but it highlights the damage a negligent and impaired driver can do. Victims of such irresponsibility are not only those physically injured in an Oregon drunk driving crash, but can include those whose property is damaged (for example, the driver Tebbits allegedly hit), and those who suffer emotional trauma as a result of the accident.

One of the most important services an Oregon drunk driving attorney can offer to victims of accidents like these is experienced and intelligent advice on the choices victims must make in the wake of a Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Redmond or Bend drunk driving accident. We all come out of incidents like these wanting to see justice served. It often requires professional advice, however, to determine the best course to take to see that this happens.

Bend Bulletin: Woman jailed in Redmond-area crash

MyCentralOregon.com: Prineville Woman Arrested After Hwy 97 Crash

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