Beaverton Car Crash Kills Two

An Oregon car crash Wednesday left two people dead in Beaverton, highlighting in the most tragic way possible the need for caution behind the wheel as we head into this holiday weekend.

According to The Oregonian, the Washington County car accident took place at mid-afternoon on South Murray Boulevard. The driver “barely stopped for the red light” before making a right turn and then speeding up. The abrupt acceleration caused “the car to fishtail across both lanes, jump the curb and crash into” a concrete wall, the paper reports. A 54-year old man riding in the passenger seat was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The driver, a 61 year old woman, was airlifted to a Portland hospital following the Oregon car accident, but died a few hours later.

Television station KGW quotes police investigating the accident saying both that speed “appears to have been” one cause of the Oregon single car accident, and that alcohol use may also have played a role.

As we move into a busy holiday weekend, this Oregon car crash is a reminder of the importance of safe and sober driving. Holiday weekends are notorious for their increased death toll along the nation’s highways, and particularly noteworthy for injury car crashes involving alcohol use. Other factors taking on increased importance during heavy holiday travel periods include reckless driving in the form of speeding, alcohol use and distracted driving.

Drivers who are reckless represent a threat to the community as well as themselves. When accidents occur as a result of their actions it is important that they be held to account, by their victims as well as the criminal justice system. An experienced Beaverton car crash lawyer can help you and your loved ones sort through the intricacies of Oregon personal injury law and advise on the best ways to achieve the justice you deserve if you have been the victim of someone else’s poor choices, leading to a serious Portland, Eugene, Beaverton or Medford car accident. Two dead in Beaverton Murray Blvd. crash

The Oregonian: Second person dies from single-car Beaverton crash

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