Astoria fatal crash raises multiple legal issues

Alcohol-related Oregon fatal car accidents and holiday weekends seem to have a grim connection. As the Daily Astorian notes, Memorial Day has long been the holiday weekend in Oregon most closely associated with alcohol-related fatalities. This year is no exception. According to the newspaper an Oregon drunk driver strayed over the center line of Highway 30 just east of Astoria Sunday night, striking a motorcyclist nearly head-on.

The motorcycle rider, who was wearing a helmet, was thrown from his bike and killed. Both the alleged drunk driver and his 13-year old daughter who was riding in the truck with him were uninjured. The Oregonian, quoting Oregon State Police, reported that the truck driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving, reckless driving, manslaughter and recklessly endangering another person (this is presumably a reference to the child in the truck).

Unmentioned by the media, but also worth considering as we think through the legal implications of this tragic Oregon fatal motorcycle accident, is where the alleged driver obtained his alcohol. If a bartender continued to serve the suspect or a store clerk sold him alcohol after he was obviously drunk that person too could be subject to legal action.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a Portland, Eugene, Astoria or Medford drunk driving accident, consulting with an Oregon personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in cases involving Oregon drunk drivers is essential. Responsibility for your, or your loved one’s, injuries may extend beyond the person behind the wheel to include those who enabled an Oregon fatal traffic accident driver’s reckless and negligent behavior. The road to justice in the wake of tragedy is rarely smooth, but a Portland traffic injury attorney can be a key ally and guide on that journey.

The Oregonian: Portland man held in fatal wreck near Astoria

The Daily Astorian: Man killed in holiday accident

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