Artificial Joint Manufacturer Settles Suit Over Marketing Claims

The New York Times reported last week that Massachusetts has reached a settlement with the Stryker Corporation in a lawsuit alleging that the hip and knee manufacturer “marketed items without regulatory approval and misled health care providers about the use of its products.” The case focused specifically on Stryker’s OP-1 implant and OP-1 putty, according to the Times.

The $1.35 million settlement with Stryker’s biotech unit consists of a $325,000 civil penalty and $875,000 in funds to combat illegal marketing by other health-care related companies. The remainder is taken up by “legal fees and investigative costs.”
After the Massachusetts attorney general announced the settlement the company issued a statement emphasizing that under the terms of the agreement it has admitted no liability. It is hard, however, not to miss the product liability issues this may raise for Stryker in other states. Clearly, any Oregon patient suffering from the symptoms that were raised in the Massachusetts case would be well advised to consult with a Portland medical malpractice lawyer to consider best way to proceed.

Oregon product liability is especially serious when it touches on the medical device industry. The idea that unsafe artificial joints might be surgically installed in the bodies of unwitting patients is little short of terrifying. It is worth considering that doctors may also be among the victims in cases such as these. One of the allegations in the Massachusetts complaint is that Stryker’s sales people misled medical professionals, pushing them to use the company’s products in ways the FDA had not approved.

If you believe you or a loved one have become the victim of this, or a similar form of Oregon medical malpractice, prompt consultation with an Oregon personal injury attorney is essential. Protecting your rights in court can be a lengthy and confusing process, especially when a powerful corporation is lined up against you. A Portland personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer can be a key ally in your fight for justice.

Bloomberg via The New York Times: Stryker settles case that claimed deception

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