97-Year-Old Oregon Pedestrian Dies After She is Hit by Car in a Milwaukie Parking Lot

In Oregon, a 97-year-old pedestrian died on Saturday after she was struck by a car that was backing out of an apartment complex parking lot. Anne Hemming sustained head injuries and was pronounced dead shortly upon her arrival at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital.

The car’s driver, 79-year-old Milwaukie resident Stanley Keltz, has not been charged with any crime related to the Oregon pedestrian accident.

NHTSA Pedestrian Accidents
• There were 4,654 pedestrian deaths in 2007.
• 903 of these victims were elderly pedestrians, age 65 and older.
• 70,000 pedestrians suffered injuries in traffic accidents.
• 6,000 of the injury victims were seniors, age 65 and older.
• 60% of elderly pedestrian deaths took place at non-intersections.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents
• Driver negligence
• Drunk driving
• Motor vehicle defect
• Pedestrian error
• Speeding
• Talking/texting on the cell phone while driving
• Failure to obey traffic signs
• Driver inattention
Elderly people may have a harder time than their younger adult counterparts recovering from a broken hip, a fractured bone, a traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, or another serious injury. Not only may senior pedestrians need more time to heal from their injuries and infections, but chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease, may create further complications.

Personal Injury or Wrongful Death
Even if Oregon police decide not to pursue criminal charges against the driver or another party responsible for causing a motor vehicle accident, the injured person or the family of a person killed in an auto crash may still be able to hold the responsible party liable in civil court.

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