Wide-ranging Crib Recall Raises Oregon Injury, Liability Issues

An enormous recall effort effecting over 2 million baby cribs distributed under the brands of seven different companies was announced this week. The recall action raises issues of liability and responsibility that many Oregon parents would do well to think about in the coming days and weeks.

The recall applies specifically to so-called ‘side-drop’ cribs, in which one of the crib’s long sides is hinged to allow parents easier access to the baby. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the sides of the cribs in question can come loose and drop unexpectedly, creating the danger of trapping children’s heads as they fall. The Associated Press reports that no deaths have been linked to the cribs, but that “at least 16” instances of entrapment have been documented, including one that led to the hospitalization of a child.

The CPSC’s website warns parents not to try to repair the cribs themselves and notes that “new mandatory standards to make cribs safer” are being prepared by the agency. These are expected to be formally issued before the end of this year. The Commission’s website offers links to the manufacturers of the recalled cribs, through which consumers can obtain information on the specific recall procedures for different brands.

Oregon parents who believe their baby may have been injured by one of the recalled cribs or a similar model should immediately contact a Portland product liability lawyer with extensive experience in Oregon personal injury law. It is especially noteworthy that this is not the first recall the CPSC has issued for these kinds of cribs. According to the Commission’s website “nine million drop-side cribs have been recalled over the past five years” – a fact that indicates a long-standing awareness of the problem on the part of both the government and the crib manufacturers.

Portland personal injury lawsuits, especially those involving injuries to children, can be lengthy and unusually complex. They need not, however, be intimidating if you first take the time to consult with an experienced Portland product recall attorney. An Oregon child injury lawyer can help safeguard both your rights and your children’s safety.

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