Washington Wrongful Death Suit Filed by Portland, Oregon Parents

Oregon parents of a 12-year old boy killed in a go-kart accident in Washington state have filed a Washington wrongful death suit against Benton County, the city of Richland (where the accident occurred) “and several other people and organizations whose negligence (the parents) claim contributed to their son’s death,” the Tacoma News-Tribune reports.

Kenneth McKinster died in 2008 “when his kart slid off the track while he was trying to navigate a hairpin turn during a weekend racing event,” the paper reports. His parents believe the kart itself was poorly designed, and was later improperly maintained by the Tri-City Kart Club and by the city and county which, at the time, owned the track itself. According to area TV station KEVW the case is expected to be heard in court before the end of the year.

Go-karts are motorized vehicles capable of traveling at fairly high speeds but including very few of the safety devices we all take for granted in ordinary cars. That places a special responsibility on the owners and operators of go-karts and similar vehicles when it comes to safety. Injuries to children here in Oregon and Washington can easily occur, as this case tragically demonstrates.

Parents should be able to assume when taking their children to a commercial go-kart facility both that the vehicles are properly maintained and that local authorities are enforcing all relevant safety regulations.

If your child or another family member has been injured in a go-karting accident it is important to seek the advice of an experienced Washington and Oregon personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Incidents involving Washington or Oregon injuries to minors or those leading to an Oregon or Washington child’s wrongful death can be especially jarring for families, and require specialized legal attention.

KEVW: Oregon couple files wrongful death lawsuit against Richland

Tacoma News-Tribune: Parents of boy killed at Richland track file suit

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