Three Injured in Alleged Medford Drunk Driving Incident

A 50-year old man “with a history of driving under the influence” is being held by Medford police on suspicion of drunk driving. In a Southern Oregon drunk driving accident last Saturday the man allegedly injured three people, all of whom had to be hospitalized.

TV station KDRV reported that 50-year old Wayne Scott Rolfe was arraigned on felony DUI charges. He has also been charged with felony driving with a suspended license. He reportedly has three previous DUI’s, and is currently being held in the Jackson County jail pending $250,000 bond.

The good news is that the three Southern Oregon drunk driving victims have been released from the hospital.

Beyond criminal charges imposed by the state it is also important that drunk drivers be held to account for the injuries they inflict on innocent victims. If you have been injured by an Oregon drunk or impaired driver, consulting with an Oregon auto accident lawyer can be a crucial step in protecting your rights. Persons injured by an Oregon drunk driver may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, to offset hospital bills, to replace lost wages and salary and to mitigate the pain and suffering to which they have been subjected. Victims may also be able to claim damages from the bar or tavern that served alcohol to the Oregon drunk driver if the establishment continued to do so despite the driver’s being visibly drunk (this type of action is known as a ‘dram shop claim’).

Consulting with an Oregon personal injury attorney is a key first step toward achieving closure in the wake of a Medford drunk driving injury accident. S. Oregon man faces felony charges in suspected drunk driving incident

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