Standing Up to the Chamber – Standing Up for Oregonians’ Rights

Last week the US Chamber of Commerce held its annual Legal Reform Summit – an event designed to scare Americans into believing that our courts are out of control. The American Association of Justice took this opportunity to set the record straight, posting an online slide show designed to educate Oregonians and other Americans about the Chamber’s excesses.

Titled “Top 10 Ways the US chamber Hurts Americans” the presentation highlights both the Chamber’s hypocrisy – its denunciation of “bailouts” even as it sought them for its largest corporate members – and the broader damage it does to the nation at large as one of the leading promoters of climate change denial.

This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Web Apps.

You can read more about all of the points raised in the slide show here.

As a Portland, Oregon personal injury attorney concerned about both our community and our country I am pleased to share this important work compiled by AAJ. Standing up for individuals is one of the most important functions that any lawyer can offer his or her clients. It is important to remember that however difficult or one-sided the system can sometimes seem, our courts are here to treat everyone equally, regardless of wealth, power or social status. Ordinary Oregonians should not feel intimidated when confronting reckless or negligent corporations, and seeking justice after suffering an injury or even the death of a loved one as long as they can call on experienced, compassionate legal help and know they have an advocate for justice in their corner.

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