Southern Oregon Dog Attack Seriously Injures Boy

A Central Point boy is hospitalized with dire injuries following an Oregon dog attack late last month, according to an area newspaper and television station. The Columbian reports that the nine year old “was attacked by three large pit bulls at his father’s home in Central Point.” He is reported to be in “fair” condition at the Rogue Valley Medical Center.

The exact circumstances of the attack are unclear from the available media accounts. Area TV station KPTV reports, however, that the animals were captured in the wake of the Oregon dog attack and “will be held in quarantine by animal control officers… to check for rabies and other problems that might have led to the attack.”
Because the incident involves a serious Oregon child injury the authorities are expected to take special care with their investigation. According to KPTV the “pit bulls appeared to have torn off a large chunk of the nine year old boy’s scalp.”
Serious Oregon dog attacks, such as this one, are of special concern when children are involved. Dog owners have a responsibility to maintain control of their pets – an especially grave responsibility in the case of owners of species generally understood to be violent and potentially dangerous, such as pit bulls.

If you or a member of your family have been the victim of an attack like this one, prompt consultation with a Portland dog attack attorney is one of the best actions you can take to ensure your and your family’s rights are protected. As we see from this incident, dog attacks can cause serious injuries including permanent disfigurement and even death. To obtain justice and make your family whole again expert legal assistance is essential.

The Columbian: Pit Bulls maul, seriously injure S. Oregon boy, 9

Fox 12 Oregon: Oregon boy recovering after dog mauling

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