Salem Car Crash Hospitalizes Three

A six-car pile up blocked traffic on Interstate 5 last week and police say a blown tire may have been what set the incident in motion, according to The Oregonian. The dangerous Oregon car accident involved a vehicle jumping the median into on-coming traffic.

The newspaper, quoting Oregon State Police sources, reports that an SUV was traveling north on I-5 at mid-afternoon when the driver “lost control at about 2:30 p.m., crossing a grass median and slamming into an oncoming car just north of Portland Road NE.”
The attribution of the accident to a blow-out remained speculative at the time the paper went to press. The results of the accident were not: the SUV hit one oncoming car head-on. Four other vehicles swerving to avoid the main collision wound up hitting each other. Surprisingly, for so large an accident, only three people from the six vehicles were hospitalized, and only one of those injuries was reported to be serious, according to the newspaper.

Any significant Salem, Portland, Eugene or Corvallis car accident like this one requires careful investigation. Those involved can count themselves lucky that the injuries were not as extensive as might have been expected from a six-car pile-up, but they also need to consider whether traffic citations, should the state police decide to issue any, are sufficient to address the accident victims’ need for justice.

An Oregon car crash lawyer can help accident victims consider issues like these, and advise on the best legal remedies as crash survivors seek justice in the wake of an accident for which they bear no fault.

The Oregonian: Tire blow-out suspected cause of six car accident Tuesday in Salem

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