SafeKids Oregon Joins Teen Driver Safety Week Program

Regular readers know that I am a strong supporter of SafeKids Oregon, so I’m pleased to share the fact that SafeKids Oregon has joined with other SafeKids organizations across America and overseas to promote Teen Driver Safety Week.

As SafeKids Oregon announces on their website (see link below), “although SafeKids primarily focuses on children ages 0 – 14, we believe that teaching safety to pre-drivers will help all children and youth be safer now and in the future.” This week’s activities are focused on social media as a way of making young soon-to-be drivers aware of the importance of safety and the responsibility that comes whenever they, or anyone else, sits down behind the wheel.

A key component of the Safety Week initiative is Teen Driver Source, an information-sharing program run by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As the SafeKids website outlines, the initiative brings together “a team of researchers, educators and communicators from the Center for Injury Research and Prevention. The Teen Driver Safety Research Team takes a multidisciplinary approach to study the causes of teen driver-related crashes and then provides information, tools and other resources to help prevent these crashes.” Put another way, it offers tools that allow the lessons learned across the United States to be applied everywhere, rather than in just a particular city or state.

Oregon car accidents involving teens are far too common, and these Oregon child injuries are best addressed through education – the earlier the better. As a Portland child injury attorney I see far too many cases where tragedy could have been prevented through better and earlier education. That is why I support this important initiative by SafeKids and hope everyone will take a few minutes to browse the resources the organization is making available.

SafeKids Oregon: Teen Driver Safety Week October 20-26, 2013

Oregon DOT: Driver Education Parent-Teen Resource Page

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