Propane Truck Explosion Highlights Industrial Accident Danger

This week, a story from the other side of the continent turned a harsh light on an issue of great concern to us here in Oregon: propane explosions and the potential they have, as industrial accidents, to cause great damage.

According to an article from the Pennsylvania newspaper The Intelligencer, republished on the website, the incident took place when a truck carrying a full load of 2000 gallons of propane collided with another vehicle in Tinicum, about 40 miles north of Philadelphia. Quoting local officials, the paper reports that two people were injured in the accident, a major roadway was closed and nearby residents were ordered to evacuate their homes.

“Hundreds of volunteer first responders and police set up a one-mile radius around the… propane truck, which caught fire shortly after the accident,” the paper reports.

We can all take heart from the fact that only two people were injured in this propane accident. As the outline above makes clear, the number of injuries and the extent of the damage could easily have been far greater. The fact that the accident even occurred, however, highlights the danger of industrial accidents posed by propane trucks on our roads. Truck owners, and the drivers they hire, need to be especially careful with dangerous materials such as propane, ensuring that it is transported, stored and used safely.

When an Oregon industrial accident can be traced to a company’s negligence, victims and their loved ones should consult a Portland industrial accident attorney to gain a better sense of the legal protections our justice system can offer to them. Transporting, storing or handling hazardous materials places special responsibility on those involved in such activities. Our justice system is here to help ensure that people taking on this degree of responsibility do so with appropriate care and caution. Tinicum propane truck fire a ‘fireman’s nightmare’

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