Preventing Oregon Dog Attacks with Dog Bite Prevention Week

A couple of months ago, our Portland, Oregon personal injury law firm published a blog post discussing how the hot summer months are a time when dogs are more likely to bite kids. This is a concern, considering that statistically the 5-9 year age group has the highest rate of dog bite-related injuries.

This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which is meant to remind people that dog attacks do happen and that it is important that owners and parents take the proper preventive measures so that dog bite incidents don’t happen.

Dog bite injuries can lead to serious lacerations, physical disfigurement, and even death—in the event of a serious dog mauling. They can also be grounds for an Oregon dog bite lawsuit if someone’s pet injures another adult or child.

Each year, about 885,000 dog bite victims will seek medical attention for their injuries. Some of these injuries will require extensive and expensive surgeries. According to American Societies of Plastic Surgeons President John Canady, MD, plastic surgeons performed 16,000 reconstructive surgeries to repair dog bite injuries in 2008. Also, the emotional trauma from a brutal dog attack can last a lifetime.

Steps dog owners can take to prevent Oregon dog attacks:

• Keep your dog safely fenced in if your pet is in a yard without supervision.
• When taking your dog out in public, make sure your pet is on a leash.
• Make sure your dog’s vaccinations (especially for rabies) are current.
• Don’t leave your dog alone with children that your pet may not know.
• Train your dog to behave and obey commands.
• If your dog is prone to biting people, make sure that you avoid situations where that can happen or that you take steps to secure or restrain your dog when he or she is around others.
• If your dog can get aggressive around strangers, post “Beware of Dog” signs around your property.
• If necessary, use a muzzle on your dog.
• If possible, spay or neuter your dog.
• Socialize your dog if you are going to expose your pet to other people.

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