Portland, Oregon Parents File Multnomah County Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Teen’s Fatal Overdose

In Oregon, Portland residents Teresa and Jack Daggett are suing a Washington State clinic for their daughter’s overdose death. Their Multnomah County wrongful death lawsuit is seeking $1.3 million from Payette Clinic.

The couple’s 18-year-old daughter, Rachel Daggett, died last December after she smoked a synthetic narcotic pill. Oregon police traced the pill to two Troutdale brothers. One of the brothers, Ronald Zaloznik, says he became addicted to oxycodone after a nurse practitioner gave him a prescription. The younger brother, 18-year-old Tyler, says that he also used pills and opiates.

In their Oregon wrongful death complaint, the Daggetts are accusing the clinic of consciously disregarding the risks when it prescribed oxycodone to Ronald. The two brothers and Rachel’s friend, Shane Douglas Gill, pleaded guilty to possession and delivery of controlled substances.

In March, the Drug Enforcement Administration raided the clinic. The clinic owners, Kelly Bell and Scott Pecora, surrendered their licenses to prescribe controlled substances.

Since 2006, Doctors, pharmacists, and former patients are among those that have filed 41 complaints against Payette Clinic. The clinic is accused of liberally handing out pills. The Payette Clinic opened in 2005.

Weeks after Rachel’s death, Payette Clinic notified pain patients that Rite Aid and Kmart pharmacies in Vancouver, Washington would no longer fill prescriptions from the clinic. Payette Clinic also told patients of its plans to open a sleep center.

One former Payette Clinic patient says she overdosed on medication that the clinic had prescribed to her. She says that after she completed a residential drug treatment program, the clinic put her on the same dosage. She also says other clinic patients tried to sell her pills.

Portland, Oregon Wrongful Death Lawsuit
If you believe that your loved one died because another person or entity was negligent, you may have grounds for filing an Oregon wrongful death complaint against all liable parties.

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