Portland Driver Strikes Cave Junction Bicyclist in Fatal Oregon Traffic Accident

A 53-year-old Oregon bicyclist is dead, after he was struck by a car on Highway 199, close to the intersection of Rockydale Road. Cave Junction resident William Bailey died at the crash site. The driver of the vehicle that struck Bailey, Portland motorist Joseph Erickson, says he did not see the bicyclist.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Reports:
• There were 15 pedalcyclist deaths in Oregon last year.
• Nationally, 798 pedalcyclists died in 2007.
• 43,000 pedalcyclists suffered injuries sustained in traffic crashes.
• The average age of pedalcyclists killed last year in traffic accidents was 40.
• Over 80% of pedalcyclists that died or were injured in 2007 were male.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents:
• Driver negligence
• Driver inattention
• Drunk driving
• A driver or bicyclist making an unsafe turn
• Speeding
• Poor weather conditions
• Defective auto or auto parts
• Bicyclist error
• Failure to use the proper bicycle safety clothing or equipment
Bicyclists are prone to serious injuries. They are not well protected from the impact of colliding with an 18-wheeler truck, a large school bus, a motorcycle moving at high speeds, or any other motor vehicle.

Bicycle accident injuries can be catastrophic, and you may need all the help you can get so that you are able to cover medical costs, recovery expenses, and lost wages.

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