Portland Bike Accident Lands Joey Harrington in Intensive Care

A Portland bike and car crash that could have been a lot worse landed Joey Harrington, the former University of Oregon and NFL quarterback, in the hospital last week with serious, though not life-threatening, injuries. Harrington spent a day in intensive care following the Oregon bike accident according to Fox News.

The Oregonian, citing the Portland police, reports that in the early evening Harrington was biking “westbound on Foster Street when a motorist heading westbound struck Harrington’s rear bicycle wheel.” Harington was wearing a helmet – a fact that his father, speaking to Fox, said probably spared him far more significant injuries. According to The Oregonian the driver of the SUV that struck Harrington remained at the scene of the accident and was later cited by police for “following too close.”
When cars – particularly SUV’s – come into contact with a bicycle on the road the results are almost never good for the cyclist. This is especially important to remember because drivers of larger cars can lose track of just how close they are tracking a cyclist if they do not pay close attention.

Any Portland bicycle accident lawyer, unfortunately, sees situations like this all of the time – despite the fact that our city is widely regarded as one of the most bike-friendly places in America. These accidents are a reminder that even in a city like Portland we all need to take greater care when behind the wheel. As a general rule, cars should not be close enough for bikers to reach out and touch the side of a passing vehicle.

An Oregon bike crash attorney can help victims of bike and car crashes examine the circumstances of their accident and consider whether, in their situation, a police citation goes far enough. True justice sometimes requires that a reckless driver receive more than a fine. In doing so it helps to make all of us – drivers and cyclists alike – safer as we share the roads.

The Oregonian: Joey Harrington struck while riding his bike Sunday night in SE Portland

Fox News: Former Lions quarterback Harrington hurt in bike crash

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