Oregon State Police Say Commercial Truck Driver Was on Meth When He Struck and Killed Another Trucker on Siskiyou Summit

Police in Oregon have arrested Daniel Clarence Clarey, a 54-year-old trucker, for the death of another truck driver, 52-year-old Kelly Linhart. The truck accident occurred last Thursday on the Siskiyou Summit. Clarey has been charged with driving under the influence and possession of methamphetamine, as well as negligent homicide.

According to Oregon State Police, Clarey was driving his 1996 Freightliner on Interstate 5 when he struck Linhart, who was standing outside his 2005 Volvo commercial truck while inspecting the vehicle. Witnesses say that Linhart tried to move out of Clarey’s way.

Oregon Truck Accidents
According to the Oregon Department of Transportation:

• 2,009 truckers were involved in truck crashes in the state in 2007.
• At least 13 of these truckers were driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication.

Also last week, the ODOT and OSP conducted a trucker safety inspection that found that 10% of the truckers and trucks that were checked at the Klamath Falls entry port on Highway 97 had problems. Of the 342 trucks that were examined over a 2-day period:

• 31 of the trucks had serious safety violations.
• 36 of the drivers committed violations.
• 4 truckers were arrested for driving under the influence.
• 1 truck driver was on the road even though his license was suspended.
• 3 truck drivers were driving even though they were extremely exhausted.

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