Oregon Shooting Raises Wrongful Death Issues

A Portland fatal shooting late last week led to an Oregon death that police describe as accidental, according to The Oregonian. Despite that description, the paper also reports that one person was taken into custody at the scene of the shooting, in Northwest Portland, raising the possibility that an Oregon wrongful death may have occurred.

The newspaper, quoting police sources, reports that police received a 911 call on June 10 indicating that a man had been shot. Arriving at the scene they found the man to be wounded in the chest, but still breathing. He was transported to an area hospital, where he later died. A neighbor told the paper that “she saw the police remove two or three guns” from the house where the shooting took place. The paper reported that homicide detectives has closed off the scene of the shooting and were investigating the precise circumstances of the incident.

One man was reportedly detained at the scene of the incident.

Even if the incident ultimately was an accident the precise circumstances of the shooting could become very important in a court of law. Situations such as this raise the possibility of a Portland wrongful death claim originating with relatives of the deceased man. Determining whether such a judgment is possible and whether it the facts of the case merit a trip to court is best done with the assistance of an experienced Portland wrongful death attorney, who can help guide surviving family members through the complexities of the court system.

An Oregon wrongful death lawyer can help surviving family members examine their options with the goal of obtaining justice in the wake of tragedy.

The Oregonian: Man dies after accidental shooting in Northeast Portland, police say

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