Oregon Motorcycle Crash Kills Two

Two Nevada men died in an Oregon truck accident Friday. According to police, the Oregon motorcycle deaths occurred north of Chiloquin on Highway 97 when an SUV hit the riders as it tried to overtake a truck.

Police identified the victims as John Lyman Howell, 65, and James Scott, 49, both of Reno, Nevada. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Redmond resident Gary Couch, 63, was driving the SUV and sustained minor injuries. He was taken to a hospital in Klamath Falls by ambulance. His wife Susan, 68, who was riding in the SUV’s passenger seat was more seriously injured and had to be airlifted to the hospital.

According to investigators at the scene of the Oregon motorcycle accident, the Couch SUV was traveling north on Highway 97 early Friday afternoon. It struck Howell and Scott, who were traveling in the southbound lane, while trying to overtake a commercial semi-trailer truck. The driver of the truck, identified as 53-year old Alan Galloway of Idaho, was uninjured. The highway was reportedly closed for more than three hours while police cleared the debris and conducted investigations at the Oregon accident scene.

Police say they believe Howell and Scott were on their way back to Nevada after visiting friends in Washington. They have asked for the public’s assistance in locating Howell’s next-of-kin.

Like all Oregon motor vehicle accidents, incidents such as this create a series of responsibilities and possible legal implications for everyone involved. Particularly when the worst happens and someone is killed, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Oregon motor vehicle attorney as soon as possible.

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