Oregon Drunk Driving Perils Highlighted by Grieving Father’s Donation

The fatal Oregon drunk driving crash made headlines around the state: a young woman killed when her pick-up truck veered off the road “at a high rate of speed, hit a power pole and landed in a stand of trees,” according to an account in the Oregon City News.

“Officers said it took half an hour to free” the victim, a 25-year-old woman, from the vehicle. “She was flown by Life Flight helicopter to Oregon Health and Science University Hospital … in critical condition and died the next day from her injuries,” the newspaper reports. The Oregon truck accident attracted an unusual amount of attention because the collision with the electrical pole caused many residents of Oregon City to lose power for several hours on that late-September evening. Police said alcohol appeared to be a factor in the crash. The victim’s father told the newspaper that an open container of alcohol was found in the car’s wreckage.

Now, in a gesture he hopes will offer a lesson to other young people, that grieving father is donating the frightening-looking remains of his daughter’s car to Oregon Impact, a non-profit group that “tours mangled cars to illustrate the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol,” according to the newspaper. The group’s website lays out the scope of the problem in stark terms: 30% of Oregon teen driving deaths, it notes, are “alcohol-related.”
For an Oregon drunk driving victims attorney it is important to acknowledge the vital education and public service offered by Oregon Impact and similar groups. No one ever wants to hear of a parent losing a child to a Portland or Oregon City drunk driving accident, but Oregon Impact’s work is a sign that many in our community understand the importance of both education and personal responsibility where this critical issue is concerned.

Oregon City News: Father Donates Car After Daughter Dies in Crash

Oregon Impact website

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